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URGENT: Email Scam Alert – August 3, 2015

lwicoMany businesses in the area are reporting that they have received emails requesting financial information or the transfer of funds. The emails “appear” to come from a company officer or financial executive but in reality, the email is coming from an unknown party who has spoofed the decision-makers email to appear legitimate.

These unknown parties have not hacked into the company’s email or stolen someone’s identity; instead they are relying on an old but effective practice of spoofing a person’s email called Joe Jobbing. There isn’t much an individual can do to prevent themselves from receiving a spoofed email; but how an individual responds can make a huge difference – financially.

Follow these few simple steps to decrease your chances of falling victim to a scam:

  • Never accept or generate financial transaction requests via email; especially if it isn’t already a common practice where you work.
  • If you receive an email that seems a little odd or out of custom, take a minute to validate with a phone call that it’s from the sender.
  • Automatically assume a request for financial information or significant changes to accounting practices is not legitimate.
  • Practice caution with releasing information by phone with individuals who have not been legitimately verified.
  • Consider removing website information identifying decision-makers names and email addresses.
  • Never post email addresses and contact numbers for finance administrators on a website unless it is absolutely necessary.

Prevention is key. Practicing the steps above will help you greatly reduce your risk in becoming a victim to an email phishing scam.

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