Secure File Sharing

Secure File Sharing

The ability to securely access your confidential business data anywhere and at any time.  The ability to send very large files without actually sending a file.  The ability to get all of it on a PC, a Mac, your smart phone, your tablet…

Welcome to Ptolemy DataSync

Ptolemy DataSync is an easy to use, convenient and secure method of creating a central repository of critical business files that you need access to wherever you are.  Create Team Shares to allow your whole organization, or just a limited few people, access to certain files.  You can even attach PDSync to your File Server and enjoy a perfect data symphony.

Ptolemy DataSync encrypts your data using 2048-bit encryption technology and makes it available to you on nearly ANY connected device.

New just this month: Outlook Integration – now send large files without actually “sending” the file!  You can limit the number of days a file is available for access, how many times he may be downloaded, and even be notified when it is accessed.

  • Secure
  • Team Shares
  • Syncs Across the Organization
  • Outlook Integration
  • Large-File Sharing
  • Tracks Revisional Changes in Documents (and allows you to access them)
  • Undelete inadvertently deleted files
  • Apps for PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad
  • Easy Organization Administration
  • Remotely Remove Files from Devices No Longer in Your Control
  • Centralized in Ptolemy’s Secure Data Center
  • Backed by our Top-Notch Support Team

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