Backup and Remote Data Storage

Backup and Remote Data Storage

Your data is an extremely important component of your business.  In fact, businesses that suffer a total data loss rarely survive the impact.  Ptolemy provides your business with peace of mind through a highly encrypted data backup solution.

Ptolemy DataSafe is the answer

Our easy to use, convenient solution allows you to securely backup and retrieve your data in the event it becomes necessary.

Ptolemy DataSafe uses 448-bit encryption. Your data is encrypted before it leaves your office, while in transit via the internet and while at rest at our facility. Your data is backed up automatically based on parameters we help you define. Our software monitors your backups and provides alerts to you and our team if an attempt to backup fails.  When necessary, restoring files securely over the Internet takes just a few mouse clicks.

Most importantly – you’re never alone.  Our technical team is available to assist with restoring your data set whenever you need!

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