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Ptolemy is dedicated to making IT affordable, manageable, and dependable for your business
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About Ptolemy

Affordable - Manageable - Dependable
Ptolemy is not your average IT firm. We do not believe that business should have to survive by chasing IT problems down and repairing them once they've occured. Behind every stable IT environment must be a picturesynergistic relationship between preventative maintenance, analysis, monitoring, and redundancy.

As you will find, Ptolemy's approach to Managed Services focuses on all of these relationships to deliver a highly-dependable solution geared toward a system that is Affordable - Manageable - Dependable.

Knowledge & Experience
Ptolemy's staff have over 50 years combined experience in IT. With backgrounds in high-availability systems, NIST FIPS 140-2 & HIPPA Security requirements, complex wide-area networks, implementation and management of expansive VLANs, NAS, SAN, Virtualization, Data Deduplication, iSCSI, 1080p HD Immersive Video Conferencing solutions and much more. Ptolemy has the knowledge and experience to take very good care of your business.

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: "Be the invisible hero. "

If we do our job correctly, our customers should never know we are there. Managed IT services is about resolving issues before they become a problem for our customers. By proactively monitoring and managing our customers networks, we can often fix problems before the customer even realizes a problem existed. If we worked like most traditional IT firms, we wouldn't start fixing an issue until it had already become a problem. Granted, some issues are problems the moment they crop up. For us to remain the invisible hero, we simply have to resolve the problem as quickly as possible and with the least amount of impact.

Your business needs more than a guy that shuffles out of the closet when something goes terribly wrong. You need a team of dedicated professionals that are constantly working to keep your systems running.

At the end of the day, Ptolemy is successful because we work hard to make you successful.

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