24 Hour Network Monitoring

24 Hour Network Monitoring

Businesses continue to scrutinize IT budgets and quality of service. All the while high-availability demands are at an all time high

The Internet has changed how businesses operate, allowing us the ability to proactively monitor your critical devices and services and predict potential failures before they occur.

Our Proactive 24 hour Network Monitoring Never Sleeps

  • Monitors the overall health status of critical network devices
  • Automated Windows updates keep systems current
  • Alerts provide regular notifications on system failures
  • Remote support interface allows IT support to be available from anywhere
  • Minimize network and device downtime that causes lost productivity

Our 24 hour Network Monitoring solution allows our team to deliver increased uptime and productivity to your organization by providing real-time visibility to the health and performance of all of your critical business systems. This allows Ptolemy to help maximize your efficiency and maintain the highest level of business continuity for your staff.

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